• Residential Drone Images and Videos

    See Your Property In a Different Perspective.

  • Who am I?

    And Why Me?

    I'm an individual that started providing Drone Footage photography and videos to local residences that want to see their property from a different perspective.


    I use Crystal clear, high-def, updated technological drones, that are in some cases, more expensive than used vehicles.


    In other words, I'm a Pro.


    The drone imaging and videos provided to you are professional that comes with a guarantee.


    IE: Rest Assured you are getting amazing quality.

    Giving Back- It's a Win/Win

    Stronger Communities.

    Strong communities have positive impacts and I believe in the support of locals.


    When your hire me, based out of Mid-Michigan, my staff accountant will pay 25% of gross earnings back to your local community that further advance efforts that support and strengthen your 

    • Schools
    • Parks
    • Churches
    • Community Farms
    • Shelters
    • Veterans
    • Widows
    • ..... Or Your Charity of Choice. 
    You can leave this part up to us or advise where you would like the proceeds to end up and that's where they will go (w/ confirmation)
    It's Your Community- It's Your choice.
    We're grateful you've hired me to provide you with stunning footage.
  • 1,000,000$ Guaranteed!

    I'm Insured!

    I am backed by Professional Insurance That Protects Your Property up to $1,000,000


    1. General Liability (and
    2. Errors&Omission

    I call this Safe Flying !

  • You've Got Answers

    Common Questions and Their Answers

    What if you Damage My Property?

    IF your property does get damaged, we (you and I) are both protected under my professional GL/EO insurance that is specific to residential maintenance for this purpose. Because the insurance is written specifically for residential maintenance, I am covered on any property where an accident is involved and I am the reason.

    • There have been no damages (or) even remotely close encounter to damages. I do not fly when weather is bad or windy above.

    How long does it take to receive the images?

    In just 1-3 Days your images will be available online. An email will be sent and you can access them. For an additional $35.00 we will load the images to a portable hard-drive and mail them to you.

    Do you share the footage from my property? online or other ways?

    No. for reasons unknown, I provide the images specifically to you and once this has been fully (completely) obtained and confirmed, the images are deleted. I do not keep for reference

    What if I loose the footage?

    I will do all I can to ensure your images aren't lost by providing multiple (and easily accessible ways) to ensure they are where you need them, when you need them. Should they become lost/deleted- compensate me for my time and obtain new copies. (however) with the available resources today, and the length I go through to ensure the images are with you until the end, it's not likely they will be lost!

    How much does this cost?

    I understand not all budgets are the same and therefore do not have a set standard pricing. My #1 objective is to provide you with quality drone images and videos within your budget.


    The technology is there and it's fun having aerial images of your property. Let's talk about a budget that is acceptable to us.